We are committed to helping you stay healthy, and, when you’re sexually active, conversations about your sexual health become an important part of your health care. Our compassionate doctors and clinicians are here to help you prevent and/or treat sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and to answer any questions you have — no judgment.

If you’re sexually active, it’s important to be tested regularly for STDs. Many STDs show no noticeable symptoms, so we encourage patients to get tested every six months. We offer free STD testing for patients ages 12 to 24, and we’re here to walk you through the next steps if you need treatment. You do not need to bring your parent or guardian to appointments related to sexual health.

We offer free condoms in our waiting area, thanks to Get Checked Omaha. Visit our clinic and take as many as you need, no questions asked. We want you to stay safe and protect yourself.

Sexual Health Classes


OneWorld’s sexual health educators visit schools and community organizations, but they also host fun, engaging sexual health classes for anyone under age 25. Classes take place every month.

Call, text or Facetime our sexual health education team at (531) 772-6018 anytime to learn more about classes or to sign up for the next class. Perks of signing up for classes include free food, a free T-shirt and a $20 gift card.

You can also text “oneworld” to 332-22 to:

  • Ask sexual health questions (your conversations are completely confidential)
  • Sign up for sexual health classes
  • Request help with making an appointment at OneWorld’s Teen and Young Adult Health Center
  • Get more information about Omaha Teen Generation’s upcoming free events (movie nights, dances, pool parties and more)


STDs are preventable with the right precautions. See how you can protect yourself: